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All jars are fresh for 7 days, while protein bites stay fresh

for up to 3 weeks.


All jars are fully customizable in case you have a food sensitivity,

special diet, or you simply don’t love a certain ingredient;

we will prepare it to your preference!

Specifications can be stated during the ordering process.


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Your order will be delivered on Friday between 12:00pm – 5:00 pm. If you will not be home during this time, we ask that a small cooler be left out, if possible, to keep your jars out of the snow during these months.

Store in your fridge and enjoy throughout the week!


Recycle Jars

Please remember this is an eco-friendly business!

It is important to leave the empty jars out for pick up, upon fresh jars being dropped off!

Skipping a week of orders?

Please hold onto your jars until the following delivery.

Not ordering again?

Please drop-off your empties to Melissa’s or Sarah’s house.


Reorder Favorites

Our weekly seasonal menu is released every Sunday. Place your order by Tuesday at 5 pm for our Friday delivery!

Freshness guaranteed for 7 Days

The ingredients within the jar are layered to optimize freshness and texture of the contents. This is an important factor with large weekly orders, as the jars are prepared on Thursday, delivered Friday, and enjoyed for 7 days.

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